It’s widely known that KISS, over their time have transformed into a coveted brand and revenue generator. With Gene Simmons fronting the operation it’s understandable as to why the band have become more associated with Coca-Cola than rock music’s foundations over their tenure.

In rock music, authenticity, and integrity are seen as important foundations within the ethos of the genre – KISS usually aren’t the first band to come to mind when those ideas are brought up.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Paul Stanley mused on the notion that he believes the band could continue without any original members, as he believes their legacy is to intense to ever quit, no matter what capacity the band exists in.

“The thought of me not being involved certainly comes to mind. I’m not sure about the idea of KISS coming to an end.”

“We’ve built something that’s so iconic, and I think it transcends any of the members so I can certainly see me not being there, seriously.”

The current KISS lineup consists of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, with the current original members being Stanley and Simmons.

“There was a time where people said it had to be the four of us [Stanley, Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss] and those people are already 50% wrong. So I’m betting [another absence] could be overcome, too.”

Paul Stanley has been known to mention similar thoughts before, saying that he wouldn’t mind seeing someone replace his position in the band because he “loves the band”.

“Once the original [KISS lineup] was no more, it just became clear to us that, in some ways, we’re much more a sports team.

“We don’t fall into the limitations of other bands, because we’re not other bands. So, yeah, at some point, I’d love to see somebody in the band in my place, and it’s because I love the band.”

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