That moment when indie rocker, Phoebe Bridgers took to the Saturday Night Live stage and smashed her guitar is literally unforgettable.

Back in Feburary, Bridgers took to the SNL stage to perform two of her brand new tracks, ‘I Know The End’ and ‘Kyoto’, from her recently released album, Punisher.

While it caused much controversy, well mainly from one source in particular, that being one David Crosby, it was mostly well received by fans, SNL (who backed in Bridgers’ keenness to guitar-smash) and of course, the internet.

The (online) events that followed her performance were absolutely of the unexpected variety. And it all began when a Twitter user asked Crosby what he thought of Bridgers’ smashing a guitar, to which he replied, “Pathetic.”

Bridgers, not taking any of it, replied, “Little bitch.”

After that, Crosby kept trying to stir the pot, ranting about his adoration for guitars and how he’d never smash them.

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Now, just over a month later, Bridgers sat down for an interview with Varietyand among many things, her SNL performance was naturally a topic of conversation.

And if we can potentially confirm anything, it’s that no one should be expecting an apology on the cards anytime soon.

On the guitar smash, Bridgers says, “I stand by it! The fact that it made people so mad is kind of what’s punk rock about it. No thought whatsoever went into what it represented or meant: I’d never done it before, so might as well do it on SNL, where it’s gonna be immortalized.”

She continued, “It’s hilarious to me that people care so much, but, I mean, there’s a video of a steamroller crushing a bunch of Gibson guitars as a tax write-off because they weren’t selling all of their stock – let that piss you off!”

Also let’s not forget that Dave Grohl totally backed her up in an interview, but let’s be real – not that she needed it.

Watch Phoebe Bridgers perform (and all destroy her guitar) on SNL:

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