Pist Idiots have swung by to highlight their fave acts in the Aussie music scene at the moment, and just as you’d expect, they’re all absolute legends.

Pist Idiots have been making a name for themselves in the Aussie music scene, so it goes without saying that they know what’s up in the world of music.

The band became big-time names in 2017 with the release of their self-titled EP, and from then on have released a slew of irresistibly Aussie tracks. Add to this an unmissable Splendour In The Grass set, and the release of their incredible and face-melting Ticker EP this year, and it’s no surprise that everyone has been clamouring to catch these guys live. According to the band, one way the guys keep up to date with brand new music is by checking the latest updates from bands they follow on Instagram.

The band also have an ingenious way to find new artists – looking for gig posters on Instagram by following local promoter accounts. We cannot believe that we’ve never thought of this before!

“The easiest way to find music is when bands post about other bands really. If the people’s who’s music who you appreciate is shouting praise of someone else music. More often than not in these situations, if you take the time and listen, you’ll have a good chance of finding something new that you might like. Sharing new releases and looking at gig bills are all great ways of stumbling onto gems,” the band said when asked how they find new music.

Now the lads have come together to highlight their absolute faves in the Aussie music scene at the moment, from the small starts of Mr. Teenage, to the weird and whacky whimsies of Tom Crowe.

Here are their top picks below.

Mr. Teenage @mr_teenage

Mr. Teenage are relatively fresh onto the scene, with only one song out right now in the phenomenal ‘Neighbourhood’. Mixing up punk aesthetics with Aussie influences from bands like Tropical F*ck Storm, Mr. Teenage know their sound, and are ready to rock right onto the scene like they were here all along.

“Mr. Teenage we only just found through a Cosmic Psychos post, the psychos have great taste in music, and we were instantly fans of this band.”

Tom Crowe @crowecroweunofficial

Ambient electronic masterpieces on his Soundcloud and weird and wondrous artworks on his Instagram, Tom Crowe has definitely built up an aura of mystery and chaos about his person. In saying that, his music is nothing but calm and reflective, sounding like the moment when a weary traveller comes upon an oasis of blissful blue water after being dehydrated for days in a desert of vaporwave and future funk. 

“Tom Crowe is more so a visual artist who taps into a whole bunch of different things, stretching from gifs, little clips, raps, beats etc. he’s just great.”

New Age Group @lil_new_age_group

Alexa may play all the hits for you at command, but Sheila, the Australian version, would probably have New Age Group’s ‘All Grown Up’ as its opening theme.

“New age group are a great Canberra power pop band, they have really good content and songs. So it’s just really enjoyable.”