The generation-long tradition of beer pong at parties and getting competitive with your friends is about to get even more spirited thanks to Post Malone.

The ‘Bud light Baron’ himself has set his sights on creating the first ‘World Pong League’.

Post Malone has never been shy about his love and passion of beer, particularly the American beer Bud Light, which fits perfectly with our Australian affection for the alcoholic beverage. I’m sure it’s synonymous in everyone’s minds that when you hear ‘Sunflower’ you expect a beer to magically fly into your hands as you chill out to the music.

Malone sets the standard for any beer-loving person, he even joined in on a shoey while on his Australian tour in multiple cities last year. Nothing else says I love beer more.

He’s now set his sight on possibly monetising his passion for beer and alcoholic games. According to TMZ, it’s rumoured that he’s already preparing a launch for a professional Beer pong team. Malone’s legal team has even investigated trademarking the brand name “World Pong League.”

It’s expected the league will involve tournaments, events, and many merchandise opportunities for the artist as well as delving into a new market of beer craft. We can assume if this becomes a world league that Australia is going to give it a red-hot crack and we’d have a good chance at winning. Everyone will be ready and raring in their teams’ jerseys to win the next match.

The real question though is why this isn’t already happening. Post Malone is a genius.

This creates a world of sponsorship opportunities available as well as having a universal set of rules that don’t differ depending on whose house party it is. No more arguments between the proper stance and how far you’re allowed to lean to get that perfect shot.

Check out Post Malone doing a shoey: