The esteemed Buddy Glass is back at it again, this time sharing the emotional video to his latest track, ‘No One Can Tell You You’re Wrong’.

No collection of Australian rock music would be complete without an appearance from Buddy Glass. Well, to be fair, most respectable collections would feature his talents as Bruno Brayovic, the frontman of Sydney rock heroes Peabody.

For a while though, Brayovic has been moonlighting under his Buddy Glass moniker, though no new music appeared between 2014 and when he returned with ‘Wasted Habit’ back in early July. The first taste of his forthcoming album, things didn’t stop there, with ‘If You Sail Out’ following just one month later.

Now, as Wow & Flutter arrives on Friday, September 11th, Glass has accompanied the big release with the clip to his latest track, ‘No One Can Tell You You’re Wrong’.

With most of the album being recorded on a 4-track cassette recorded in the back room of his Marrickville house (“between dogs barking and babies crying,” he notes), this new single is a strong, acoustic-led number which lends itself to the quiet moments as it urges the listener to keep moving forward to reach their goals.

“It takes a lot of courage to follow a dream. To disown everything around you and make your way through life doing what you really want to do,” Glass says of the track. “You might have to step on some necks. People and relationships will fall (or will be felled) by the side of the road. This song is about and for those who have that conviction and ambition. I don’t.”

The accompanying video is as powerful and heartfelt as the track itself. Directed and edited by Buddy Glass, the clip utilises a split screen as it portrays a hazy, somewhat nostalgic view of life through a moving car window, while close-ups of the late Nina The Cat tug at the heartstrings as the track’s message resonates in our hearts.

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“The video was made not long before my cat Nina passed away,” Glass explains. “It looks like it was an homage to her, and I guess it now kinda is, especially as she looks towards the setting sun in the final scene.

“The footage I got of her was just meant to be practice for the app I’m using to film, but upon revisiting it, I thought the shots really captured just how gentle and beautiful she was, so I kept it.

“The other part of the split frame is just me driving down New Canterbury Rd from Petersham to Dulwich Hill. If you look closely early on, I managed to get one of the street lights just as it starts to flicker on. I was pretty happy with that.”

‘No One Can Tell You You’re Wrong’ is set to appear on Buddy Glass’ forthcoming album, Wow & Flutter, which is officially released on Friday, September 11th. If you’re keen to check out its latest single early, scroll on down and give it a listen. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a vinyl copy via Bandcamp while you’re at it!

Check out ‘No One Can Tell You You’re Wrong’ by Buddy Glass:

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