WA act Camarano are kicking off their 2021 in a relaxed fashion with the release of their relaxing new single ‘Where Am I Now?’

It goes without saying the the pandemic has wreaked havoc on many people’s creativity over the past year or so. Not so for Western Australia-based indie act Camarano.

The band flourished on the creative front over the course of 2020, releasing two new singles ‘Holiday Inn’ and ‘Give It To Me Straight’ ahead of their upcoming debut album.

And now the group are getting 2021 on a much-needed relaxing vibe with the release of their new single, ‘Where Am I Now?’.

Having captured fans’ attention with their genre-bending sounds since their 2017  debut single ‘Ashes’, ‘Where Am I Now?’ sees the band soften their indie rock sound with some good, trance-like vibes reminiscent of acts like The Shins.

Speaking about the single, lead singer Mat Cammarano says: “This song is a stream of consciousness, it slipped out of me without my knowing, the music and lyrics all at once.”

“To be honest I don’t really know what it’s about, it sounds like free falling. If you listen closely you can hear my dog Lucy barking faintly in the background, an unintentional artefact that made it onto the piano track. It sounds like she’s trying to wake me from deep sleep. Unexpected imperfections like these are my absolute favourite part of making music.”

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While Mat may not know what ‘Where Am I Now?’ is about, that illustrates the beauty of music – everyone has their own interpretation about what something means to them.

And for what it’s worth, this beautiful single is all about good vibes and chilling on a warm summer day.

Having heard three new songs off Camarano’s upcoming debut album, we can’t wait to listen to the entire thing when it comes out.

Check out ‘Where Am I Now?’ by Camarano: