Victorian psychedelic rock outfit the Dip Road Dogs have returned with another stunning composition, sharing the immense ‘Serenity Now’.

It was only a couple of months ago now that Victoria’s Dip Road Dogs came to our attention. Hailing from the eponymous road in the Victorian town of Kerang, the rural location might not be the first thought folks have when they think of blistering Aussie rock, but it just proves how adept this stunning group are at exceeding expectations.

Sharing their debut single ‘Labour Day’ in early November, the group blew away just about everyone who were lucky enough to hit the play button, leaving us all wondering what the future might hold.

Having teased us with promise of an upcoming EP, the group have today shared their next single, with ‘Serenity Now’ set to scratch that musical itch that keeps on lingering.

Kicking things off with a mesmerising, droning riff, we’re teased with small snippets of instrumentation that gradually make their way into the mix, rising ever-so gradually until we’re left to bear witness to this ferocious display of unrelenting rock music.

“Serenity Now’ is the second single from our upcoming EP Shakshuka,” explains lead vocalist Dave Chirnside. “It’s a slow build rock song which follows a man fed up with the world, going through a series of unfortunate events before he eventually cracks.”

With the group currently working on some videos for the album’s singles, they’ve got their sights set on the end of February for the EP’s release date.

Having previously told us that their new EP is set to feature a “mixed bag of themes ranging from wanderlust to light hearted good times, to your loved ones being on your back for being too lazy,” we’re already convinced it’s on track to be one of the finest debut releases you’ll hear all year.

However, with the blistering new single that is ‘Serenity Now’ now out in the world, it goes without saying that not only are we dying to hear what else is in store, but that the EP’s eventual release date can’t come soon enough.

Check out ‘Serenity Now’ by Dip Road Dogs: