Australia’s favourite irreverent metalheads, King Parrot, are gearing up to release their third record this Friday, and have just dropped a hilarious new video for the frenetic single ‘Piss Wreck’.

In classic King Parrot form, the clip for ‘Piss Wreck’ shows off the band’s trademark humour, alongside their penchant for making some absolutely brutal music, and features plenty – and we mean plenty – of tins of the amber fluid.

Allowing group members to show off their acting chops, the clip is pretty much a comedy sketch – or, as the boys describe it, a glimpse of reality.

“There’s nothing to it really…” they say. “It’s basically just reality TV. The King Parrot boys are at the Dole Office and trying to pull the wool over the customer service representatives eyes. You can see this on any given Thursday at Preston Centrelink.

“Unfortunately Slatts Everyday gets apprehended for a job search application check and he’s pitted against Bernard Catharthington who is a bit of a stickler for detail. Luckily the boys get approved for their dole payments and as usual they head straight for the bottle shop!

“A bit of f#*kwittery ensues and Mr White ends up in a tyre, and all the boys including Bernard end up covered in spew. Plus there’s a total of 3 most excellent fart jokes included.”

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According to the band, they’ve been single-handedly keeping this particular bottle shop in business over the years, too.

“We took over an office in the city to do the scenes for the intro and then we headed straight out to home territory in Preston to film the rest. We wanted to use a bottle shop that we felt comfortable with so we went out to West Preston, a bottle shop the band has frequented over the years.

“The boys actually take credit for keeping the business alive, as confirmed by the owner Kong who happily obliged to be in the video too. Our video team of Dan Farmer and Boyd Synnott really worked the magic on ‘Piss Wreck’ and its a King Parrot tradition to go with simple and effective themes and approaches to videos. Hopefully people won’t expect anything more from us, because they will never get it. ”

While we love the clip, it’s really just the appetiser to the main course, their third LP Ugly Produce. Recorded at Melbourne’s Goatsound Studios, and produced by Jason Fuller of Blood Duster, it’s a continuation of the brutal form that King Parrot established with their first two records, Bite Your Head Off, and Dead Set.

“We’re bloody excited to let this album out of the bag,” they tell us. “We didn’t want to go for the typically over-produced metal sound that has pretty much every band sounding the same these days.

“We just want to sound like a real band, playing real music and damn good songs,” they add. “There’s a definite progression in the songwriting and the sounds, and our producer Jason PC did a killer job too. ”

You’ll be able to catch them letting this one loose on the live stage pretty soon, as they hit up Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane with Disentomb and Pagan in December – and in case you didn’t realise from their latest effort, they always put on one hell of a performance.

King Parrot’s Ugly Produce is out this Friday, but in the meantime, check out the hilarious video for ‘Piss Wreck’ above and order a copy of the new album right here.

King Parrot ‘Ugly Produce’ 2017 Australian tour

(With Disentomb and Pagan)

Tickets on sale now from Oztix

Wednesday, December 13th
Badlands, Perth, WA

Thursday, December 14th
Uni Bar, Adelaide, SA

Friday, December 15th
170 Russell, Melbourne, VIC

Saturday, December 16th
The Factory, Sydney, NSW

Sunday, December 17th
The Triffid, Brisbane, QLD

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