The inimitable Ricky Albeck & the Belair Line Band are back with another soon-to-be classic, sharing the video to their latest single, ‘Hands’, today.

If ever there was an undeniable truth about South Australian culture and its music scene, it’s the fact that Ricky Albeck & the Belair Line Band never get quite enough love from outside of their home state.

Sure, Adelaideans might be fine with keeping such a wonderful secret to themselves, but when you consider just how mesmerisingly good Albeck and the band are, you have to wonder just why it is that folks the world over aren’t clamouring to turn them into South Australia’s next big export.

If ever you needed proof of why that it, one simply needs to take a look at ‘Hands’, the latest clip from Ricky Albeck & the Belair Line Band.

Having last shared new music by way of June’s ‘Industrial Lights’ as part of a split single with Dead Roo, the track found itself receiving critical acclaim along with a litany of plays on triple j, helping to provide listeners with stunning new music in a terrible year.

Now, Albeck and the band have returned with their latest track, ‘Hands’. Featuring the iconic country-rock sound that the group have become known for, ‘Hands’ sees the collective effortlessly belting out a tune which feels almost custom-made to not only get stuck in your head for days, but to increase your appreciation of what it is this outstanding band do.

Paired with a clip directed by Conor Mercury, the video kicks off with Albeck seemingly rightfully-confused about the appearance of a flying car, before heading inside to perform with the band.

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The performance clip gives a perfect example of how the group operate on the live stage, and undoubtedly invokes a higher-than-anticipated amount of FOMO for those who can’t wait to catch Ricky Albeck & the Belair Line Band on the live stage once again.

Check out ‘Hands’ by Ricky Albeck & the Belair Line Band:

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