After years spent as a member of some of Australia’s most beloved bands, Simon Robert Gibson is stepping into the spotlight with his debut single, ‘Bourdain’.

If you’ve ever so much as considered the Sydney music scene over the years, the chances are good the name Simon Robert Gibson has helped guide your thought process somewhat. A founding member of the acclaimed Disneyfist, Gibson has served as a member of Modern Giant, and helped found Aerial Maps with his brother Adam Gibson.

It doesn’t end there though, over the years, you’ve been able to see his influence within groups such as Sneeze, Lazy Susan, Simon Holmes’ post-Hummingbirds outfit Fragile, and even his own ensemble, The Coolites. Needless to say, it’s an exhausting resumé that makes it hard to imagine he’s had time for anything else over the years.

However, his role as a prolific musician has also led to the adoption of a restless, adventurous spirit often held by many creatives, with Gibson finding himself settled in Vietnam for close to a decade. Moving onwards to Bali to pursue his passion of surfing, it was here where inspiration struck, leading to the creation of a number of new songs that will serve as Simon Robert Gibson’s debut album.

Working alongside Tim Kevin at Marrickville’s Tempe River Studios, the first taste of his new tracks comes by way of ‘Bourdan’, a tribute to the late chef, author, and documentarian Anthony Bourdan, and the way he lived his life, touching upon the “wider ideas of travel, adventure, authenticity and spirit, things that Bourdain continually spoke of.”

“Anthony Bourdain lived life with a real enthusiasm, he wanted to get to know people, hear their stories, share their food,” Gibson explained of the song. “He kept looking, moving onwards, staying curious and open. His books and shows were a genuine inspiration.

“So when someone who seemingly has so much to live for takes their own life it’s a real shock, and makes you question why no-one noticed the cracks.

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“The reality of suicide has come very close to me in recent years having lost two of my close musical comrades so maybe it’s time it was out in the open more, for men especially. Maybe salvation can be found in a song, or at least the discussions it may kick-start. I hope Anthony approves.

As slick as it is catchy, and armed with jangly guitars and smooth, rolling bass, Gibson is backed by the inimitable talents of Mark Hyland, Safari Lee, the aforementioned Tim Kevin, and The Hummingbirds’ Alannah Russack on this stunning piece of pop-rock.

Backed by a video directed by Adam Gibson, the visual accompaniment helps to put the lyrics of the track into context, expertly capturing the feeling of wanderlust, and serving as a tribute to the highly-influential namesake of the track.

With details surrounding the debut album from Simon Robert Gibson still to come, tide yourself over in the meantime by listening to the great ‘Bourdain’ below. For true appreciation, pair it with fond memories of travelling the world, and some fine cuisine – just as Bourdain would want you to.

Check out ‘Bourdain’ by Simon Robert Gibson:

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