Melbourne’s The Mean Times have shared one of the year’s best videos, offering up a comedic Lego-themed clip for their single ‘Miss Damascus 2008’.

Ever since Peter Gabriel utilised stop motion to sensational effect with ‘Sledgehammer’ back in the day, it’s become a rather popular method of creating video clips. Some years later, The White Stripes teamed up with Michel Gondry to create the memorable video for ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ using stop motion and Lego.

Needless to say, it’s a pairing that results in some pretty memorable clips. But frankly, none have really scratched that itch that music fans have had bothering them for years. Thankfully, Melbourne’s The Mean Times have come to the rescue, offering up one of the year’s most memorable videos.

Accompanying their track ‘Miss Damascus 2008’, which serves as the third single from their Stunned Mullet EP, the clip showcases the band taking on evil virus aliens from outer space as they use rock and roll music to save the world.

While the song itself is an epic, orchestral rock song incorporating strings, horns and keys, the video clip tells an epic story using computer and stop-motion animation with the use of Lego bricks, turning it into one of the most memorable videos you’ll see for some time.

The Mean Times were on track to celebrate the release of Stunned Mullet back in May with a return to the live stage, but unfortunately, the global pandemic has seen these plans put on hold for the time being. Maybe they can call upon their Lego counterparts to put an end to this virus and we can all go back to having the time of our lives?

Their Stunned Mullet EP is available now via Bandcamp, while the clip for ‘Miss Damascus 2008’ can be viewed below.

Check out ‘Miss Damascus 2008’ by The Mean Times: