Melbourne indie trio VINNY have embraced their inner rock band swagger and attitude with the release of their latest single ‘Fire’.

It’s always nice when musicians really lean into the fun side of things when it comes to their art and no one quite embodies that than VINNY, a trio from Melbourne comprising of vocalist/percussionist Josh Aubry, guitarist/synths player Jim Stirton and guitarist Tony Clay.

Having revealed today on social media that someone broke into “VINNY HQ” last night and stole some “materials,” the three-piece band have now followed that up with a “press conference” talking about what exactly went on and what was swiped.

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So what’s the aim of all this quirky fun and teasing? Well VINNY have got a new single out and they’re just stoked to release it upon the world.

Titled ‘Fire’, this latest offering from VINNY is an eclectic mix of synth-pop, funky disco and indie rock, all topped with an unhealthy dose of swagger and attitude swiped from 80s rock bands. In short, it’s a banger.

“We had this groove and feeling in our bones. We were lying poolside sipping pina coladas, watching the sun go down when out of nowhere, a topless, coconut-oiled man walked past us down to the beach playing his saxophone, shooting fire out of the bell (thus the name, ‘Fire’),” says VINNY in a very colourful (literally and metaphorically) statement.

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“We befriended him and asked if he would come into the studio that night to help us finish off the track. We worked throughout the night and finished the song by sunrise.”

Having made a big splash earlier this year with the release of their debut single ‘Chaos’, it seems like VINNY is indeed leaning into the, well, chaos and the result is something that’ll get stuck in your head.

Check out ‘Fire’ by VINNY: