Not many people in the world can claim to be slapped by Prince Harry, but Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins can count himself as one.

It’s always a memorable moment any time you get slapped when meeting someone, but things get cranked up several notches when that someone happens to be part of Britain’s Royal family.

And that’s exactly what went down between Prince Harry and a certain drummer from the Foo Fighters.

Appearing on The Howard Stern Show to plug their latest album, Medicine At Midnight, the Foos recalled the time when Dave Grohl broke his leg during the band’s 2015 tour in Europe.

When asked to confirm that Prince Harry was indeed the first person to visit Dave in the hospital after his accident, Grohl said that it was actually the drummer from Coldplay who visited him first before the Prince decided to stop by his hotel suite to wish him well.

Grohl then got a great anecdote going when he added, “[Prince Harry] smacked Taylor in the face one time,” which prompted Hawkins to jokingly admit “it pissed me off, actually.”

The Foo Fighters drummer then explained how that whole slapping encounter happened, explaining that the Foos had flown into England for a gig at some “ambassador’s place” and had barely slept a wink beforehand.

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As it so happens, Prince Harry was at the same event.

“He walked in and goes, ‘How are you doing?’ I said, ‘I can’t wake up. I’m so tired.’ He just goes bam [slaps his hands] and I went, ‘You motherfucker!’ He was like, ‘Are you awake now?’ said Hawkins.

Unsurprisingly, that slap definitely woke Hawkins up and the incident is something he looks back upon as a hilarious little moment he got to have with the Prince.

“I mean, I got slapped in the face by the prince,” said Hawkins. “That’s OK, really, when you think about it.”

Can’t fault Hawkins on that logic. If I had been slapped by British royalty, you bet your arse I would be telling folks that Prince Harry smacked me across the face and I liked it.

Check out Taylor Hawkins recalling the time he got slapped by Prince Harry:

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