We at Tone Deaf are constantly inundated with press releases. A good fraction of them are from corporations and smaller businesses who want us to run their latest piece of content marketing, insisting it would be of great interest to our readership. In this particular case, sex toy company Lovehoney were actually right.

They recently ran a ‘Shagfest Survey’, querying some 1,000 festival punters on their sexual habits and they apparently found that 25 percent of Australians consider sex to be an essential part of the festival experience. Because who doesn’t want to do the dirty deed when they’re covered in other people’s sweat and haven’t showered in days?

About 37.6 percent of respondents admitted to having sex at music festivals. 4.5 percent of these people had sex with a stranger and 1.3 percent were involved in a threesome. It could just be something about being at a music festival, because 42.7 percent of Aussies are more likely to try new sexual experiences at a festival.

So what festival was the most popular for those looking to get down and dirty? Well, of those respondents who have had sex at a music festival, 6 percent did it at Splendour In The Grass, making it the most popular festival for boning. This was followed by Groovin The Moo with 3.8 percent and then Field Day (3.5 percent), Falls (2.3 percent), Laneway (1.7 percent), Harbourlife (1.2 percent), and Listen Out (0.6 percent).

However, we really have to pick up Lovehoney on that one. After all, is it really fair to compare those festivals when some are multi-day festivals and others are simply single-day events? Splendour In The Grass gives you a full three days and nights to find someone to bang (more if you arrive on the Thursday), whilst Laneway gives you but one day.

As for what music festival punters like to get down to, 22.7 percent said they prefer rock music to soundtrack their bump and grinding and 20 percent preferred dance music. In other words, if you’re hoping to get laid at a festival this summer, you’re better off trying to pick up at UNIFY Gathering than Field Day.