There’s only one more day to go until we finally get to hear QOTSA’s seventh album Villains, but the band have just given us an early look at some of the record’s tracks in a special acoustic set uploaded last night.

The playlist features a handful of unheard Villains cuts like ‘Fortress’ and ‘Domesticated Animals’, mixed in with a couple of previous hits like ‘My God Is The Sun’ and ‘I Never Came’ – although two of the nine videos have since been deleted, so we’d get in quick.

As well as these new tracks, the band have also revealed Josh’s much-hyped dance moves in the gorgeous-looking clip for ‘The Way You Used To Do’ that dropped last week, and we have to imagine that one of these tracks might just follow it as the next single.

They also put out a pretty hilarious comedy sketch recently that featured Josh giving voice to all of QOTSA’s previous albums as they discussed the band’s direction since their release – a pretty sweet concept – and the outtakes, featuring the usually cool, calm and collected Homme crying tears of laughter, also made for a great watch.

The promo circuit has led to some interesting snippets of info from the band in interviews too, from Josh Homme’s claims that he only became the QOTSA frontman because he couldn’t find anyone else, to the band members’ fears that “guitars are going extinct” – a problem they hope the new album can do just a little bit to fight back against.

Their performance at the sold-out Splendour in the Grass also brought with it a classic QOTSA moment when Homme fired shots back at a heckler in the crowd, as he tends to do fairly regularly.

After a long and often entertaining build-up, Villains is finally out Friday August 25 via Matador, but for now you can check out a fair chunk of it below.


Check out acoustic versions of QOTSA’s new ‘Villains’ tracks