QOTSA have been giving us plenty of entertainment in the lead-up to the release of Villains this week, but this one takes the cake as the most creative, as Josh Homme gives voice to all of the band’s other albums as they give their opinion on their new brother.

From complaints by Songs For The Deaf about “Nick” not being on the new record, to whinging from the Era Vulgaris mascots that they’ve been ditched, every record seems to do a lot more complaining than praising the new album, as we’d expect from a band who don’t mind taking the piss out of themselves, their music, and their fanbase.

The behind the scenes vid that follows is also worth a watch, if only to see Josh’s often serious facade break down into tears of laughter, and desperately try to keep a straight face as he prepares to read his lines.


QOTSA’s old albums aren’t particularly fond of the new one

The sketch follows another hilarious clip that the whole band made around the album announcement, where Josh was hooked up to a lie detector and grilled on the album details, with a surprise cameo from Mark Ronson, and if he weren’t the frontman of a rock band, we reckon Josh could try his hand at acting.

Of course, Josh recently claimed that he never actually intended to become the frontman of QOTSA in the first place, and only ended up there because he couldn’t find anyone else to do it, but it’s hard to imagine anyone else being able to pull of the dry humour in sketches like these.

He’s also quite sharp with a quip, as he showed off once again in a battle with a heckler at Splendour in the Grass last month, hardly the first time he’s gotten in a verbal war with a punter.

The new album Villains drops this week, but for now you can check out the brand new clip for single ‘The Way You Used To Do’, showing off another of Josh’s skills – dancing.


The behind the scenes footage for the new QOTSA sketch is also a crack-up