Because everyone is privy to a little dirt on super-duper famous musicians, we’re here to dish out just that in the form of Brian May spilling the tea on Freddie Mercury. Surprising as it may be, according to one of the founding members of Queen, May, Freddie Mercury was apparently quite the wallflower.

“He was; he’s very shy, Freddie, everything that goes with that, I think he wove a kind of world around himself.

“And of course, he was incredibly outgoing on stage, but that was his sort of stage persona, and I think he came from that perspective, he’d been very shy as a boy,” May spilled to Raised on Radio during a recent interview.

However, despite his demure personality, May confirms that on stage the rocker still delivered that x-factor that only few real stars have.

“He’d been inspired by people like Cliff Richard and Jimi Hendrix, and he made himself into what he wanted to see, in a sense,” continued May.

“So he had that amazing knack in no matter how big the place was, Wembley Stadium or whatever.”

“He would involve every single person because he would somehow identify with those people. He’s saying, ‘You can be a rock god like me,’ kind of.”

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As for the worst moment in the band’s fruitful history? Coming as no surprise, it was the tragic loss of Mercury which was a result of complications from AIDS.

“Well, I suppose it would have to be losing Freddie. That moment will obviously be indelibly etched in my mind forever. You never quite get over something like that. It’s like losing family, so that would be the worst,” May reflects in the same interview.

And, just in case you were curious, May has shared with us mere mortals just how epic being a rockstar is (because it’s not like it’s obvious or anything).

“[Being a rockstar is] like nothing else. When it’s working, great, and you’re feeling that connection with the audience and everybody’s lost in the moment, it’s great, I love it.”

Today, the band is formed by May along with Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert. The trio is promoting their new live album titled Live Around the World.

Watch the full interview below:

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