Disgraced singer R. Kelly had a rather damning year in 2019, and in the end, his name was the most googled worldwide in 2019.

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Google has just released its end of year search results, titled Google Trends, and in it, you can gaze at the year that was with expert precision.

Listing things like the most Googled movies, actors, musicians and songs, Google Trends allows us to see what everyone was collectively curious about in the last year of this decade.

According to the page, R. Kelly was the most googled musician in all of 2019. This statistic is according to the United States results for 2019, as the global results do not list the most googled musician worldwide. Some secrets are better kept to the vaults of the collective mastermind computer.

Following R. Kelly is 21 Savage, Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X and A$AP Rocky, who have all had rather tumultuous years. A lot has happened this year, hasn’t it? Sometimes it’s nice to just pause and reflect.

Thankfully R. Kelly was the most googled because we all agree that he is a grub who doesn’t really deserve any time of day.

According to the trends, he was most Googled in Mississipi, and the related searches to his name were ‘R. Kelly Gayle King‘ and ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, the damning documentary that cemented the wrongdoings of this defamed artist.

Watch the trailer for Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning, which was just released a few days ago.

In recent news, R. Kelly has been charged with bribing a judge for a fake ID so that he could marry Aaliyah.

You can read that full story HERE.