Radiohead just disappeared from the internet and they didn’t even leave a note to say bye or where they were going. Well, that’s not entirely true, they did send flyers to some of their UK fans, but trust us, they’re asking more questions than they answer right now.

As Billboard reports, the UK alternative giants have completely scrubbed their internet presence. Their website, whilst still live, is completely blank – not so much as a single line of HTML code comes up when you take a peek behind the scenes.

Their social media accounts have also been cleaned out. Their Facebook profile pic and cover image are solid white and all of their posts have been deleted, though their more than one million followers are still there.

Their Twitter account has also been rinsed and even all the postings on frontman Thom Yorke’s Twitter account have disappeared. If you reckon all of this has led to wild speculation amongst the band’s rabid fans, yeah, you’d be right about that.

Most already assume this has something to do with Radiohead’s long-promised, eagerly anticipated new album. The as-yet untitled album and follow-up to 2011’s much acclaimed The King of Limbs is said to be dropping in June.

The online cleanse comes a day after a number of the band’s UK fans received cryptic leaflets in the mail from the band, reading, “Sing the song of sixpence that goes ‘Burn the witch’. We know where you live.” A ballsy move in today’s political climate.

The leaflets reportedly featured “oily artwork and an embossed Radiohead logo”. According to Billboard, “Burn the witch” refers to a song the band, who are set to hit the road next month, recorded some 13 years ago.