Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has just dropped some brand new music for us to have a gander at, releasing the song ‘Daily Battles’ with Flea, which will be featured in the movie Motherless Brooklyn.

Motherless Brooklyn, an upcoming 50’s noir mystery starring Bruce Willis and Edward Norton is set to release this November, and has been getting a lot of hype for being a unique take on the genre of films. The story is based on the book of the same name, and is the brainchild of Edward Norton himself, who starred in films such as Fight Club and Birdman.

In regards to the casting of Willis in one of the main roles of the film, Norton explains: “Years and years ago Bruce saw me in a play in New York and he wrote me this lovely letter about it and said, ‘I wanna do this kind of work. If you call me with something, I’m in’.” And thus it was.

The song begins as any typical moody Thom Yorke track would, with a sullen piano that plods along, readying itself for the Radiohead frontman to apply his signature voice over the top.

It’s clear from the somber mood of the track itself that this movie is going to be both mysterious, moody, dark and probably a few shades of miserable thrown in for good measure. The song is accompanied by a full-length instrumental cover as well, which takes a more jazz-club feel, and is the work of Wynton Marsalis, Isaiah J. Thompson, Jerry Weldon, Joe Farnsworth, and Russell Hall. To be honest, both tracks are worth your time, executing two very different approaches to the same emotion quite excellently.

You can listen to the track below, and find the jazz version located HERE.

Listen to Thom Yorke & Flea on ‘Daily Battles’