Rapper 360 has opened up about why he’s been so quiet in a tearful confessional video posted on social media to his fans.

360 – real name Matthew Colwell – posted the update to his social media. Visibly upset, the rapper takes a few takes to steady himself to speak and open up.

“I am still making music,” 360 explained. “I think if I didn’t have music, I hate to say it but I really don’t know if I would be here.

It’s my only vice really. I’ve suffered with addiction and mental health issues and stuff and music is really the only thing that is super therapeutic for me.”

He went on to discuss the highs and lows of touring: “I’ve been struggling for a long time, since actually my last tour. I just went straight down a tour with so much craziness and adrenaline and so much fun and that’s always something that I’ve always struggled with after every tour.

“I usually just come crashing down because you’re on this massive high for a few months and then it’s just like, what do you do with yourself? But this time I crashed and I just stayed down.”

360 then bravely and emotionally opened up about his experiences with medications. “The real struggle with me has been medication, very strong medications like Suboxone and then on to methadone and also on high amounts of clonazepam,” he said.

“I won’t get into it too much but when I changed from Suboxone to methadone my life just went down. I just didn’t care about anything, I just started eating, put on so much weight, I was 120 kilos, I was huge.

“I just didn’t care anymore, I needed to do something about it so I went and checked into a rehab, kind of psychiatric community called Arrow Health.

“It was an amazing place and I was there for about four months. It was extremely difficult with one of the hardest things I’ve done but it was also one of the most amazing things I’ve done because you meet so many people and just have such a great time with everyone and connect and have this bond.”

After discussing how important his family are to him, the rapper thankfully sounded hopeful towards the end of the video.

“Since I’ve gotten out, it’s like being born again and finding yourself and learning how to deal with emotions,” 360 said.

“I’m just writing lyrics on my phone and that’s it. Which is good, I’ve just got to take my time and focus on the mental health side of things and getting myself right.

“I need to force myself to start exercising because at the moment I just can’t even find that motivation and want to do it.

“My brother talked me into streaming online on Twitch but it has helped to just talk on there and talk to other people.

“I just wish everyone the best, I hope everyone’s well. I’ll be putting out a lot more videos on here on YouTube and I’ll be streaming on Twitch, if you want to come and join.”

He finished by shouting out to his many supporters: “I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s been reaching out and offering support, it really does mean a lot to me. And I really just want to send out love to everyone who’s struggling at the moment.”

360’s last studio album, Vintage Modern, came out back in 2017. It was a chart success, reaching number three in the ARIA album charts.

Check out 360’s full video: