Elizabeth Eden Harris, otherwise known as rapper CupcakKe, which is in fact a blend of the words Cupcake and Bukkake, has just announced “The 10k Tour”, an upcoming North American trek in which she will be giving out $10,000 at each and every show. Be right back I’m moving to North America. 

Chicago MC CupcakKe took to Twitter just to other night to detail how the string of shows would work exactly. Kicking off September 7, the rapper will be drawing names out of a hat, and handing out a whopping $10,000 to a randomly-selected fan each night of the tour. With 21 shows in the tour that makes a total of… a lot of money coming out of the singer’s pockets.

“I present to everyone ‘The 10k Tour’ (Giveaway)!,” CupcakKe tweeted. “I will be giving away $10,000!!! Every night of the tour I will be calling a random name out of a hat & that will be the winner of the night & i will do it every night of the tour!!!”

“The 10k Tour” begins in Indianapolis and wraps up October 6 in Austin. Tickets would be beautiful to grab right about now if we actually lived in North America.


Fans took to Twitter to share praise for the provocateur rapper, heralding her as the Queen of Socialism, amongst other endearing terms.

“That’s a great point. Cupcakke goes outta her way to give thousands as an *upcoming artist meanwhile more established artists aren’t doing shit for those who put them on. I fuck with her heavy off that alone,” one fan wrote.

Another fan tweeted:

“Cupcakke is literally for the people, redistributing her wealth, and she hasn’t even reached her full potential. This is what celebrities should be doing, this is how we bring communities up. This is how we start change! Thank you, queen of socialism!!”

If you’ve never heard of CupcakKe before, become initiated right here.

Listen to ‘LGBT’ below:

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