Rolling Stone Australia gave Jaguar Jonze’s five-track EP ANTIHERO a 4.5 Star review in its latest magazine issue for very good reason, the exotic cyberpunk world she has created is like nothing else from Australia’s recent global exports.

Rolling Stone called ANTIHERO “her strongest work yet”:

“Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jaguar Jonze’s haunting vocals on Antihero remain as expressive as ever across standout bangers like “Deadalive” and “Curled In”. With a rawer edge to her usual indie pop-rock sound, Deena Lynch wears her heart on her sleeve and Antihero makes it clear that she went through hell and back to produce arguably her strongest work yet.”

Check out Jaguar Jonze’s clip for ‘ASTRONAUT’:

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The EP arrives just over one year since Jaguar Jonze, AKA Deena Lynch, contracted COVID-19. But not even a global pandemic could stop this multi-hat-wearing polymath. Lynch continued to work on the EP and even recorded the vocals while she was in hospital care for 40 days.

“I had a fever for five weeks straight, and excruciating chest pains, and the music industry was completely decimated,” she said. “For weeks I had no voice; I couldn’t sing, and for months I couldn’t stand up or walk for too long. My mental health suffered.”

The record is a triumph, physically, emotionally, and musically.

Stream Jaguar Jonze‘s second EP ANTIHERO below, then read up on why the team here at Tone Deaf love it so much.

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Stream Jaguar Jonze’s EP ANTIHERO:

“On Antihero,Jaguar Jonze turns her brooding cinematic pop inclinations towards a colder, dystopian world. It’s the sound of beating hearts wrapped in lines of binary code; an imagined soundscape in which Quentin Tarantino directed Blade Runner. Across five tracks, Jaguar Jonze continues her run of high-concept pop that proves why she’s one of the most exciting new artists in Australia right now.”
James Di Fabrizio

“Jaguar Jonze swaggers through ANTIHERO with the cowboy confidence of John Wayne. She’s a futuristic bounty-hunter, navigating an uncertain future whilst grappling with her innermost turmoils. Over five neon-lit tracks, Jonze creates pop paranoia — it’s anxious, conceptual music that’s a hell of a lot of fun.”
– Geordie Gray

Check out Jaguar Jonze’s clip for ‘TESSELLATIONS’:

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