Following ARIA nominated album Stay, which hit #10 on the ARIA chart back in 2918, Everything is Tenuous is another collection of reasons to get behind the Tasmanian pop punk heart-stealers.

As the four-piece’s fifth album, Everything is Tenuous marked a band first as they self-recorded and self-produced the record; with help from producer Darren Cordeux (Kisschasy) before it was mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Andrei Eremin (Tash Sultana/Chet Faker).

Last November the band released album single ‘Every Time You’re Here (I’m Gone)’, an enveloping patchwork blanket of pop punk and quirky rock.

Frontman Tyler Richardson explains of the track:”Using songs is a great way to get it out there, stuff that is hard to say, but that you always mean to. I owe my friends and my partner Alix the world, I don’t think you could ever properly explain what people mean, but ‘Every Time You’re Here’ is an attempt to do so. I owe them the world, here’s an attempt to let them know.”

Richardson said a lot of the LP is about “the fragility of life”.

“I’ve been thinking about how a lot of things stay, a lot change, and a lot just completely disappear,” he said. “I don’t necessarily think any of the above is bad, there’s zero you can do to change it, but all the same, it’s on my brain a lot. Everything really is tenuous and sometimes a lifetime feels like a lifetime, sometimes a lifetime feels like a second.”

Check out Luca Brasi’s clip for ‘Every Time You’re Here (I’m Gone)’:

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Stream Luca Brasi‘s album Everything Is Tenuous below, then read up on why the team here at Tone Deaf love it so much.

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Stream Everything Is Tenuous:

“A decade into their career, Luca Brasi has become the Aussie pop-punk equivalent of comfort food – You know what you’re going to get most of the time and you’re never disappointed. That is indeed the case (again) with the band’s fifth album Everything Is Tenuous as it is yet another solid collection of melodic punk bangers that bring upon a warming sense of familiarity.”
– Alexander Pan

“With Everything Is Tenuous, Luca Brasi remind us why they still have such a hold on our hearts five albums deep into their career. It’s a collection of charming, thoughtful, hope-inducing pop punk cuts that feel like a conversation with an old friend.”
– Geordie Gray