Elon Musk has released the EDM track ‘Don’t Doubt ur Vibe’ and listeners aren’t sure what to think.

Last week, tech billionaire and Grimes’ boyfriend Elon Musk announced his return to the music world. Musk launched the fledgling record label Emo G Records in March 2019. The Emo G Soundcloud page has since featured just one song, ‘RIP Harambe’, featuring Yung Jake and Caroline Polachek. But Musk jumped on Twitter on Friday to confirm new music was imminent.

More tweets followed showing Musk rocking out in the studio and hyping the song as “hard.” The track appeared the following morning with the revised title ‘Don’t Doubt ur Vibe’. It was accompanied by another tweet that underlined Musk’s involvement.

‘Don’t Doubt ur Vibe’ is a relentless EDM number that has polarised listeners and critics. The Guardian called it “the kind of atmospheric, inoffensive music that might play in the background at the launch of a new car.” The reviewer wasn’t too fond of Musk’s vocals, however, which repeat a “dreadful little motivational-poster homily ad infinitum through a vocoder.”

Theneedledrop’s Anthony Fantano also thought the vocals were “pretty odd.” The track’s full lyrics, by the way, are simply “Don’t doubt your vibe/because it’s true.” However, Fantano’s overall review was fairly positive.

“It pretty much just feels like a very euphoric EDM track,” he said. “The more it went on the more I was actually into the groove of it and everything.” He summed up by calling it, “Not too bad.”

Watch: Fantano’s review of Don’t Doubt ur Vibe


Users of the website AOTY were not nearly as diplomatic. Giving the song 11 out of 100, pristinebodies called it an “overly spacious, simplistic, lifeless electronic snoozefest with an annoying vocal sample repeating over the whole track.” The review also had some advice for the multi-billionaire: “Elon, stick to abusing your workforce and calling people pedophiles on twitter with 0 legal repercussions, and don’t tread into music.” Other users offer terser feedback.

AOTY reviews for Don’t Doubt ur Vibe