With the 2021 Hottest 100 set to take place on January 22nd, 2022, we here at Tone Deaf have decided to take a stroll down memory lane, recapping the countdowns of yesteryear in the lead-up to the latest edition of musical democracy. Today, we’re taking a look back at the Hottest 100 of 2000.

Taking place in January of 2001, the triple j Hottest of 2000 was the eighth annual countdown held by the station which limited votes to songs released in the last year.

This countdown became notable for a rather important piece of history, with Powderfinger topping the countdown for the second year in a row. To date, they remain the only band to hit the top of the countdown more than once, though frontman Bernard Fanning would again hit #1 in 2005 with ‘Wish You Well’.

Incidentally, Powderfinger became the second act to have two tracks in the top five, following on from The Offspring doing so in 1994. They also became the first Australian band to do so, and the first band since Nirvana in the 1991 All Time countdown to get two tracks in the top three.

Check out Powderfinger’s ‘My Happiness’:

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While the 2000 countdown didn’t feature many notable moments, its subsequent CD release did in fact feature a rather odd moment, with Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ being included… despite not actually making the countdown.

In the liner notes for the CD, Richard Kingsmill began his summation of the countdown by noting, “From the front of the grid, Coldplay and The Avalanches surge forward with debut albums of rare magic. Yet Queens Of The Stone Age prove there’s still plenty of rock left in the pack.”

As a result of this confusing addition, some fans have chosen to believe the track actually made it to #101. Oddly, it would end up being a somewhat prophetic episode, with Queens Of The Stone Age reaching #1 in 2002, when they made their first official appearance two years later.

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Check out Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’:

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At the end of the day, triple j’s Hottest 100 for 2000 featured songs by 78 different artists from a total of 9 countries, including 40 from Australia, 36 from the USA, and 15 from England. Likewise, Finland made their first (and only, to date) appearance in the countdown with Bomfunk MC’s ‘Freestyler’.

Rage Against The Machine proved to be the best most successful act of the countdown, with three tracks to their name. Meanwhile, a further 21 artists appeared twice throughout the poll, including Everlast, who appeared once as a solo artist, and once on Cypress Hill’s ‘(Rock) Superstar’.

Also, if you’re keen on some of the more obscure facts, the shortest track to appear in the countdown was Frenzal Rhomb’s ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ at 2:15, while the longest was Fatboy Slim’s ‘Sunset (Bird Of Prey)’ at 6:50.

Check out the full list of songs in the triple j Hottest 100 for 2000 below. If you’re keen to learn more, head over to the Hottest 100 Database, and check out the Hottest 100 songs that didn’t make the Hottest 100.

triple j’s Hottest 100 of 2000

Image of the CD artwork for triple j's Hottest 100 of 2000

#1. ‘My Happiness’ – Powderfinger
#2. ‘Beautiful Day’ – U2
#3. ‘My Kind Of Scene’ – Powderfinger
#4. ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ – Wheatus
#5. ‘Yellow’ – Coldplay
#6. ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ – The Avalanches
#7. ‘Californication’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers
#8. ‘Generator’ – Foo Fighters
#9. ‘Every Fucking City’ – Paul Kelly
#10. ‘Bohemian Like You’ – The Dandy Warhols

#11. ‘Rip It Up’ – 28 Days
#12. ‘Dirty Jeans’ – Magic Dirt
#13. ‘Sleep Now In The Fire’ – Rage Against The Machine
#14. ‘Minority’ – Green Day
#15. ‘Teenager Of The Year’ – Lo-Tel
#16. ‘Unsent Letter’ – Machine Gun Fellatio
#17. ‘Gravity’ – The Superjesus
#18. ‘Stacked Actors’ – Foo Fighters
#19. ‘Pictures In The Mirror’ – The Living End

#20. ‘Not The Same’ – Bodyjar
#21. ‘My Generation’ – Limp Bizkit
#22. ‘Porcelain’ – Moby
#23. ‘Damage’ – You Am I
#24. ‘Freestyler’ – Bomfunk MC’s
#25. ‘Pacifier’ – Shihad
#26. ‘Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues’ – Eels
#27. ‘Take A Look Around’ – Limp Bizkit
#28. ‘Bastard Son (Lunar Mix)’ – george
#29. ‘Sour Girl’ – Stone Temple Pilots
#30. ‘Please Leave’ – Jebediah

#31. ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ – Travis
#32. ‘Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) (feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor)’ – Spiller
#33. ‘Rock Show’ – Grinspoon
#34. ‘Judith’ – A Perfect Circle
#35. ‘We Haven’t Turned Around’ – Gomez
#36. ‘(Rock) Superstar’ – Cypress Hill
#37. ‘Thank You (For Loving Me At My Worst)’ – The Whitlams
#38. ‘Machismo’ – Gomez
#39. ‘Taste In Men’ – Placebo
#40. ‘Last Resort’ – Papa Roach

#41. ‘Penguins & Polarbears’ – Millencolin
#42. ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ – Radiohead
#43. ‘Sunset (Bird Of Prey)’ – Fatboy Slim
#44. ‘Daddy I’m Fine’ – Sinéad O’Connor
#45. ‘The Time Is Now’ – Moloko
#46. ‘Take A Picture’ – Filter
#47. ‘Slave To The Wage’ – Placebo
#48. ‘Crush The Losers’ – Regurgitator
#49. ‘Get Off’ – The Dandy Warhols
#50. ‘Naughty’ – Skulker

#51. ‘Original Prankster’ – The Offspring
#52. ‘Sucker’ – 28 Days
#53. ‘Wasting My Life’ – The Hippos
#54. ‘Man Overboard’ – Blink-182
#55. ‘The Great Beyond’ – R.E.M.
#56. ‘I Love You But…’ – Friendly
#57. ‘I See You Baby (feat. Gram’ma Funk)’ – Groove Armada
#58. ‘Give Up Your Day Job’ – The Fauves
#59. ‘Beautiful Sharks’ – Something For Kate
#60. ‘No Man’s Woman’ – Sinéad O’Connor

#61. ‘Spawn’ – george
#62. ‘Fast As You Can’ – Fiona Apple
#63. ‘Shiver’ – Coldplay
#64. ‘Black Jesus’ – Everlast
#65. ‘American Shoes’ – Motor Ace
#66. ‘Fall To The Ground’ – Bodyjar
#67. ‘Mutha Fukka On A Motorcycle’ – Machine Gun Fellatio
#68. ‘Heaven Is A Halfpipe’ – OPM
#69. ‘Responsibility’ – MxPx
#70. ‘Superman/Supergirl’ – Killing Heidi

#71. ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ – Frenzal Rhomb
#72. ‘I Know Y’Know I Know’ – Tex Perkins
#73. ‘Secrets’ – Grinspoon
#74. ‘One More Time (The Sunshine Song)’ – Groove Terminator
#75. ‘Wait And Bleed’ – Slipknot
#76. ‘Bottles To The Ground’ – NOFX
#77. ‘Maria’ – Rage Against The Machine
#78. ‘Stand Inside Your Love’ – The Smashing Pumpkins
#79. ‘No Leaf Clover’ – Metallica
#80. ‘Hëj’ – Skulker

#81. ‘Make Me Bad’ – Korn
#82. ‘Sunburn’ – Muse
#83. ‘Kick In The Door’ – Skunkhour
#84. ‘I Disappear’ – Metallica
#85. ‘Nothing As It Seems’ – Pearl Jam
#86. ‘Hello Cruel World’ – Klinger
#87. ‘Music’ – Madonna
#88. ‘Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day’ – Morcheeba
#89. ‘Work It Out’ – Brassy
#90. ‘Good Fortune’ – PJ Harvey

#91. ‘Start Making Sense’ – Area-7
#92. ‘Live Without It’ – Killing Heidi
#93. ‘Set The Record Staight’ – Reef
#94. ‘The Ground Beneath Her Feet’ – U2
#95. ‘Renegades Of Funk’ – Rage Against The Machine
#96. ‘Paint Pastel Princess’ – Silverchair
#97. ‘Ben Lee’ – Klinger
#98. ‘Death Defy’ – Motor Ace
#99. ‘Who The Hell Are You’ – Madison Avenue
#100. ‘Warning’ – Green Day

Quick Facts:

Artists: 78
Most Successful Artist: Rage Against The Machine (3 tracks)
Number Of Countries: 9
Top Three Countries: Australia (40 tracks),USA (36 tracks), England (15 tracks)
Shortest Song: ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ – Frenzal Rhomb (2:15)
Longest Song: ‘Sunset (Bird Of Prey) – Fatboy Slim (6:50)

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