Sydney post-rockers We Lost The Sea have just scored themselves a famous fan, with comedy icon Ricky Gervais once again professing his love of the group.

For over a decade now, Sydney musicians We Lost The Sea have been one of the most popular progressive post-rock bands going around. With a sound reminiscent of acts such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor and fellow Aussies sleepmakeswaves, the quintet have amassed quite a following around the world.

Early last year though, the band’s name was brought to the attention of countless Twitter users when comedian Ricky Gervais shared his fondness of their music.

“If you love Mogwai and Hammock, you might like We Lost The Sea,” Gervais stated to his millions of Twitter followers. “They go great with computer chess and red wine too.”

Now, Ricky Gervais has taken his fanaticism to the next level, using the band’s music in his newest show, After Life.

Taking to Twitter last week, We Lost The Sea revealed that they had been asked for their song ‘A Gallant Gentleman’ to feature in an episode of After Life.

Noting that their were “stoked” to have been a part of the show, Ricky Gervais responded by telling the band, “your music is inspirational.” Definitely not a bad recommendation to have!

Earlier today, the band shared another message noting that they had finished watching Gervais’ new series, calling it “fantastic”.

“What a beautiful, poignant and kind message it delivers,” they noted. “Amazing soundtrack, of course.”

“We’re also in the same episode as Nick Cave ‘Into My Arms’ which is even better.”

While it seems as though Ricky Gervais’ love of Australian music is becoming quite well-known, there’s no telling when Gervais will pull an Edgar Wright and try to organise some sort of future project with the Sydney group.

Check out We Lost The Sea’s ‘A Gallant Gentleman’: