Actor Ricky Schroder has taken aim at Dave Grohl for holding an intimate Foo Fighters concert for fans who had been vaccinated.

The rockers recently gave a small live performance at the Canyon Club in the Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills, where attendees were required to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in order to nab a ticket.

However, what was meant to be a good time in celebrating the comeback of live music was marred by a group of anti-vaxxers protesting outside the gig – one being Shroder.

Shroder took to Facebook following the protest to take aim at frontman Grohl, calling him an “ignorant punk” for his pro-vaccination stance.

“Dave Grohl is an ignorant punk who needs [to be] slapped for supporting Discrimination. Ignorance comes in all shapes & sizes. Kurt Cobain is laughing at you Dave along with Millions of Patriots….Fool,” Shroder wrote.

An image alongside the post shows Grohl holding a syringe while wearing a black “PHARMA SELLOUT” T-shirt.

Attendees of the show took to Twitter to blast the protesters, with one user saying: “some real low-quality humans at the @foofighters show in agoura hills CA tonight.”

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Another added: “This is what happens when you just want to attend a @foofighters concert at a small local concert hall and the next thing out know you’re a ‘Vaccine Segregationist.’”

The Foo Fighters are gearing up to perform at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, with the same COVID-19 vaccination requirement in place.

“We’ve been waiting for this day for over a year,” Grohl said in a statement announcing the news. “And Madison Square Garden is going to feel that hard. New York, get ready for a long ass night of screaming our heads off together to 26 years of Foos.”

Shroder also recently caused outrage after he was seen badgering a Costco employee who was following company policy by not letting the former child star into their store without a mask on.

After receiving backlash, Shroder “apologised” over social media.

“I was trying to make a point to the corporate overlords and I’m sorry that I had to use you to do it,” he said in the subsequent video.

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Check out ‘No Son of Mine’ by Foo Fighters:

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