It seems as though Riff Raff is still on his desperate plight to maintain a morsel of relevance, the rapper has taken to Instagram to challenge Tekashi 6ix9ine to a $1 million fight.

Riff Raff through down the gauntlet after footage emerged of a confrontation between 6ix9ine and Meek Mill that took place outside an Atlanta club on Sunday.

For context, the footage detailed a heated verbal exchange between Tekashi and Meek Mill engaged in a heated verbal exchange that almost escalated into a physical brawl.

The beef between the two rappers was sparked by Tekashi 6ix9ine working alongside the police to indict members of Nine Trey Bloods during his trial testimony. 6ix9ine acted as the prosecution’s star witness in a racketeering and firearms case in 2019.

Riff Raff claims the ‘Gummo’ rapper intentionally tries to spark beef with “Real Artists that have police records to where if they were to kick your ass in a parking lot then they would go to jail and fuck their money up.”

The Houston rapper challenged 6ix9ine to a boxing ring fight with a $1 million cash prize on the table. “We both put $1,000,000 in a glass case at a Pay Per View event and the winner takes all,” he wrote.

He went on to reveal that he’ll begin his training for the fight from today, and suggests he does the same thing. “I will give you 3 months of training as well,” he continued. “See you in the RING you little mosquito.”

Riff Raff went on to accuse 6ix9ine of stealing his signature swag, the multicoloured braids and shark grills. “Did you really think you could steal my Rainbow Braids and shark grills and then NOT have to eventually pay the Prada Piper,” he wrote. “Good Luck 69 you will be 69ing the announcers table when I know you thru the ropes my dear lad.”

The whole thing is exhausting and pathetic, but I know that the most depraved part of my soul would definitely tune in the fight were ever to come to fruition.