Every time I write an article about Tekashi 6ix9ine I feel my last remaining brain cells pleading for a reprieve. The longstanding beef between Tekashi 6ix9ine and Wins and Losses rapper Meek Mill came to a head over the weekend.

As TMZ report, the rappers ran into each other at a club outside Atlanta that Meek Mill was attempting to leave. Video footage details that the rappers, who were accompanied by their respective security personnel, engaged in a heated verbal exchange that almost escalated into a physical brawl.

The footage shows Tekashi spew a litany of insults at Meek Mill, accusing him of working with law enforcement. It’s a bit of a pot calling kettle situation considering Tekashi’s infamous relationship with snitching.

The feud soon took to social media, with 6ix9ne writing, “STOP LETTING THESE RAPPERS LIE TO YOU! THEY TO TOUGH FOR SECURITY @meekmill RUNNING AROUND WITH POLICE,” in a since-deleted Instagram post.

To which Meek responded, “The feds sent him to take me out,” he wrote. “Had to spit on him so he retreated lol He really waited outside the club for me. I thought I was dreaming WTF we almost smoked him lol he posed to be a little threat popping up in the parking lot and waiting for me.”

The beef between the two rappers was sparked by Tekashi 6ix9ine working alongside the police to indict members of Nine Trey Bloods during his trial testimony. 6ix9ine acted as the prosecution’s star witness in a racketeering and firearms case in 2019.

6ix9ine was facing charges related to the Nine Trey gang. He was charged with a series of violent crimes and drug-trafficking offences, including attempted murder and armed robbery. He plead guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in the hopes of receiving a reduced sentence.

In May 2020, Meek Mill tweeted a blistering takedown of 6ix9ine, condemning the Bushwick rapper for cooperating with the feds.

“I hope that rat going live to apologize to the people he told on or the victim,” Mill wrote. “Y’all forgot that fast a ‘rat’ killed Nipsey he wasn’t suppose to be on the streets!” Mill continued. “That’s the only thing ima day because he’s dead… left his baby mom and child like a coward as targets!”