Robbie Williams has won his five year long legal battle with his neighbour Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page over renovations to his 17 million pound home, Woodland House. For years Williams has been attempting to renovate and build an underground gym and pool, but Page argued that it put his house at risk of being damaged.

Now after years of petty arguments and legal action, Williams has been given the all clear to build his swimming pool. The Guardian reports that Williams can move forward with his renovations as long as he follows certain guidelines.

“Councillors will not allow work to commence until they have received assurances about independent monitoring of vibration and ground movement, and may ask Williams for a bond to be forfeited if conditions are breached or damage occurs,” According to The Guardian, the artist had previously been fined for breaching noise regulations.

robbie williams jimmy page
A layout of the neighbouring homes via The Daily Mail

Jimmy Page had previously spoken before the planning application committee of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council in protest of Williams’ request for permission to excavate the basement of his home. “My name’s Jimmy Page, but that’s not important, what is important is that I have been the owner of Tower House since 1972.” The guitarist began.

“I’m here to plead that you take all necessary measures to protect the Tower House from the threat of harm it faces,” Page continued. “It’s one of only 18 Grade I listed buildings in the borough. It’s highly vulnerable.”

A representative for Page said the rock icon is willing to meet with Williams to discuss the specific conditions of his renovations. The Daily Mail may include live text alerts to Page’s phone if vibrations from the excavation reach the agreed limits.

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