Hottest 100 time is just around the corner, and if you haven’t sorted out your shortlist yet, then let us help you by putting ‘SEND IT!’ by Hooligan Hefs at the top of your list.

It’s that time of the year again, and we’re gearing up to sort out our Hottest 100 shortlists with only the best of the best, and that 100% includes Hooligan Hefs’ ‘SEND IT!‘.

With 2020 being such a ridiculous drag, we’ve had our share of difficulties, but if you needed one more reason to be bummed out about by 2020, it’s that we haven’t had the chance to dance to ‘SEND IT!‘ by Hooligan Hefs in the clubs this year, because it is an absolute banger.

Only breaking onto the scene last year, Hooligan Hefs is a strong force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Western Sydney, this Aussie hip-hop artist is shaking up tradition, popping out hit after riveting hit.

Released only last month, ‘SEND IT!‘ marks a monumental moment in Hooligan Hefs music career, helping him to redefine the genre of homegrown hip-hop, and cementing him in the music scene as an artist with his own trail to blaze.

Having already dropped a handful of songs, his debut EP Living In Sin, and working alongside rising Aussie stars such as Blueboy and Billymaree and international sensations like Aitch, S1mba, and Dimzy, Hooligan Hefs marks himself as someone to keep an eye on in the new year, and especially one to make known in the Hottest 100.

Check out ‘SEND IT!‘ by Hooligan Hefs:

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Chock-full of beat after ripping beat to dance to, ‘SEND IT!’ is quickly becoming our anthem of summer, even though it was thought up over a year ago, according to Hooligan Hefs, himself.

Alongside hip-hop artist Open Till L8, Hooligan Hefs notes that when they conjured up the tune, they “knew it was a big tune,” and were “keen to finally get it out to the people,” stating: “This is a song for summer, grab your drink, SEND IT!, and party hard.”

If the beats and lyrics weren’t enough, this blistering single arrived alongside an epic music video directed by the brilliant talents over at Jaen Collective. According to Hooligan Hefs the music video sparked from an urge to simply have fun.

Featuring Hooligan Hefs as a postie, the music video for ‘SEND IT!‘ brings a bit of fun with a twist, and gives you that energy that you’re after when you’re just finishing up your shift and keen to grab some cheeky beers with the mates.

Or, if you catch it’s other vibe, ‘SEND IT!‘ will make you dance all the way to your door to meet your postie to get your next parcel like I certainly have been doing.

“We just wanted to have fun with it,” Hooligan Hefs notes, “so we pulled out the mailman idea, something different, but you know we still had to party.”

Regardless on how you look at it, Hooligan Hefs has brought absolute fire with this single, and it certainly deserves it’s spot amongst the great songs to have come out in this dreadful year.

It’s got absolutely everything you could ever want in a hip-hop jam – thrilling beats, a driving chorus, and unparalleled rhythms that will get you moving about right quick.

So, if you’re as keen on ‘SEND IT!‘ by Hooligan Hefs being your summer time anthem, then pop it at the top of your shortlist for this year’s Hottest 100. Then, when clubs are back in session, join us on the dance floor, because we’re bound to be there jamming like crazy.

Check out Hooligan Hefs: