When we found out S1MBA’s viral hit single ‘Rover’ received the remix treatment from not one but three of this country’s finest emerging rappers, we took notice.

Hooligan Hefs, Youngn Lipz and Hooks are among the most exciting hip hop talent in Australia right now. Between them, they boast 90 million artist streams. This remix of UK artist S1mba‘s viral TikTok hit ‘Rover’ is set to see them tip over the 100 million mark.

“We was already bumping the track. When S1MBA hit me to jump on it, I was like fkn oath!” said Hooligan Hefs.

Dripping with swagger, the afrobeat-inspired production on the new and (in our humble opinion) improved ‘Rover’ is piled with grit and addictive flows.

The clip, care of longtime collaborator Kreezy Visions, was shot over two days.

“Myself and the Sueno team wanted to create this piece of art and stick to the Kreezy Visions style – crazy mask and glitch effects, coloured lighting, transitions etc.,” said Kreezy.

“We shot the video across two days and what truly inspired us was the Aussie hip hop culture.I believe the cameo’s featured in the video truly speak of ‘the area’ such as GeedUp and the upcoming artist Blueboy, Producer Colcci & Owner of Hoodlan, Hugo.”

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Check out the clip for the new ‘Rover’ remix:

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S1MBA​’s original single is now certified ARIA Gold and has clocked over 59 million global streams.