Here are seven songs to help you in your time of social distancing during the outbreak of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is here and we have all been advised to keep the distance between ourselves and our fellow humans to prevent the spread of the disease at this time of crisis.

To help you in your isolation, here are seven songs that will keep you warm and safe in the comfort of your own home. And please, wash your damn hands.

1. ‘Falling’ – Xiu Xiu

Seven minutes of pure warmth to soak into while you wash your hands every 25 minutes and eat bowls of soup by your laptop. Plus, this song is about being in love, so maybe call your social distancing buddy and cuddle up together in your virus-free bunker.

2. ‘Alone’ – Dinosaur Jr.

This time we’re going to eight minutes of pure warmth with a heavier rock sound to it. Nothing says social distancing like being alone, and so what better track to put on than… ‘Alone’?

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3. ‘Lonely’ – Akon

Please do me a favour and google Akon’s real name. You can thank me later.

4. ‘Sick’ – Chelsea Wolfe

Nothing like wrapping yourself up like a cocoon and listening to one of the most vampiric songs you’ve ever heard in the last decade. Hanging upside down in your darkened mansion is optional of course.

5. ‘Deep, Deep’ – Have A Nice Life

Sure, maybe you want to have a panic attack while in isolation. I won’t judge. Take this with you though, it’ll help I guess.

6. ‘Sleep’ by Grace Cummings

Nothing says time to sleep like some social distancing. Apart from that, Grace Cummings has the voice of a mesmerising angel and you’d be amiss if you didn’t put her music on while spending time alone.

7. ‘daybed’ by FKA twigs

Truly no song captures isolation like this one. Catch me crying under a heap of blankets. Or don’t, since you probably shouldn’t come near me.

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