Just months after Snoop Dogg’s own grand reveal, Sia has come out as the person behind a hugely popular NFT Twitter account. 

@BiancaMedici69 trades and discusses NFTs with over 13,000 followers, and it turns out its run by a pretty famous pop star.

After teasing about unveiling their true identity for several days, the account owner tweeted earlier this week, “It’s been a joy quietly collecting NFTs this last year supporting other artists & causes. And oh what fun being a secret Medici. But I think it may bring more attention to these artists & causes if I went ‘public.’ So Tuesday at 2pm PT, I will dox & reveal my true identity.”

That was followed by Sia tweeting from her own official account: “I am @BiancaMedici69.” The Twitter account was established back in January and has since tweeted almost 400 times in just a few months. The account currently boasts over 560 NFTs on the OpenSea platform.

It comes after Snoop Dogg revealed himself to be the owner of another popular NFT Twitter account, @CozomoMedici, last September. Interestingly, that account is tagged in @BiancaMedici69’s profile description, which reads, “Granddaughter of @cozmomedici.”

And earlier this month, Snoop’s account mentioned that @CozomoMedici and @BiancaMedici69 had “spent 35.58 ETH supporting emerging & Ukrainian artists” in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Is this the reveal of an unlikely celebrity friendship? Do Snoop and Sia hang out together comparing their NFT collections or is it strictly an online partnership?

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sia is this deeply involved in the world of NFTs though. Last year, she debuted her first-ever official NFT collection on OpenSea in partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Her aim was to share NFT projects with her fans and have them vote on which songs she writes in her own “Siaverse.”

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