Sinead O’Connor just keeps us guessing, now announcing that she’s embarking on a new career as a writer, music be damned. 

Over the last month, it feels like the artist has been leading the public on a wild goose chase. First she announced her retirement from music in any capacity, before making a U-turn just a few days later. Then she decided that she’d continue with music after all, thank you very much.

Now, in a statement posted on Twitter, O’Connor has said that it’s definitely time to say goodbye to music and start a new career as a writer, as per SPIN.

“On Sunday I begin my new life as a writer, having been in two minds about retiring from the music business,” she wrote. “Below is my retirement announcement. My last album, No Veteran Dies Alone will be released in April 2022. There will be no promo. Thanks for all the fun and love.”

The singer-songwriter said that she was happy to have left her career on a good note, “standing up against the intellectually Lilliputian far right.” She added that “it would have been morally and spiritually criminal of me to stay silent.”

O’Connor also announced that she’ll be closing her Twitter page so that she can “begin to enjoy being a private citizen.” She certainly deserves it.

In terms of music, her final album, No Veteran Dies Alone, is expected to still arrive in April 2022, although there won’t be any promo or tour for it.

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The Irish icon’s new memoir, Rememberings, came out this month, discussing her fraught childhood, musical triumphs, and fearless activism. She’ll also be writing a weekly column for The Irish Sunday Independent which will almost certainly be a must-read.

So that’s that then. Although knowing O’Connor, don’t expect a full retirement from music just yet. I hope not at least.

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