Slipknot have made their first official statement in regards to news of a lawsuit from founding member Chris Fehn, sharing a message on their website earlier today.

Last week, reports surfaced that founding Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn was suing the band.

As The Blast noted, this lawsuit reportedly centred around claims by Fehn that he had not received proper payment during is time in the band.

Apparently, Fehn was informed that the money that Slipknot makes travelled through one company which paid the group’s members what they were respectively owed.

However, Fehn claims that his bandmates recently set up other business entities that also collect money from the group’s activities.

Specifically calling out vocalist Corey Taylor and percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan, Chris Fehn claims that he never received any money from these alleged seperate business entities.

As a result, he was asking for an audit to be undertaken on the band’s finances, and for the “damages and profits” he claims he is owed.

Corey Taylor soon took to Twitter to share a thinly-veiled response to news of this lawsuit. “You’re gonna read a lot of bullshit today,” he wrote.

“This is all I’ll say. JUST YOU WAIT TIL THE TRUTH COMES OUT. Long Live The Knot.”

According to users over on Reddit, former member Donnie Steele (who played with the group 1995 to 1996 and again from 2011 to 2014) shared a series of since-deleted messages on Facebook which seemingly took the side of Chris Fehn.

“Lol! Don’t blame him,” Steele wrote. “Nobody likes to get lied to and ripped off. I know first-hand.”

“And most, MOST of them can’t write. In the three years I toured with them I actually spent more time in writing sessions and the studio [than] I did on the road… All done behind the other members’ back. That’s how they roll…”

While some fans vouched for the veracity of the comments made by Donnie Steele, others waited patiently for an official statement from the band.

Now, Slipknot have done just that, sharing a message to to their website to address the issue, while also confirming that Chris Fehn is no longer a member of the group.

Image of the recent statement made by Slipknot
Image courtesy of Slipknot’s official website

“Slipknot’s focus is on making album #6, and our upcoming shows around the world, our best ever,” the band explained. “Chris knows why he is no longer a part of Slipknot.”

“We are disappointed that he chose to point fingers and manufacture claims, rather than doing what was necessary to continue to be a part of Slipknot.”

“We would have preferred he not take the path that he has, but evolution in all things is a necessary part of this life,” they concluded. “Long Live The Knot.”

While no further information has been shared at this time, Slipknot appear to be otherwise hard at work recording their first album since 2014. According to recent reports from the group, this as-yet-untitled record is set to be released on August 9th.

In related news, Slipknot were recently announced as the support act for Metallica’s first Australian tour in six years. At this stage, there’s no word who will be replacing Chris Fehn on these upcoming dates.

Check out Slipknot’s ‘All Out Life’:

Metallica’s WorldWired Australia Tour 2019

With special guests Slipknot

Thursday, October 17th
Optus Stadium, Perth, WA

Sunday, October 20th
Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, SA

Tuesday October 22nd
Marvel Stadium, Melbourne, VIC

Saturday October 26th
ANZ Stadium, Sydney, NSW

Tuesday, October 29th
QSAC, Brisbane, QLD

Tickets on sale now through Live Nation