Slipknot’s new album is shaping up to be one of the year’s biggest releases, with frontman Corey Taylor explaining that some of the song’s are “evil” sounding.

Over the last year, Slipknot have been teasing fans with news of a brand new record. While Corey Taylor has stated that these his new lyrics are among some of the best he’s written, it seems as though we’ll have to wait until mid-2019 to finally hear what the new album sounds like.

However, while Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan revealed that the new record is all about “evil vs. good”, it appears as though some of the songs will focus more on the former than the latter.

Speaking to the Des Moines Register ahead of the group’s upcoming hometown performance, frontman Corey Taylor took some time to discuss what the group’s new music and lyrics are sounding like.

“(It’s) gonna be evil,” Taylor began. “It’s going to be ridiculous, let’s put it that way.”

Referring to the band’s previously-released single ‘All Out Life’, Taylor noted that the tune isn’t “nearly as dark and vicious as the rest of the stuff that we have that we’re working on.”

Check out Slipknot’s ‘All Out Life’:

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In regards to the track’s lyrics, Corey Taylor explained that he wrote the tune because he felt other artists weren’t using their music to force others to “take a hard look at what you believe”.

“People are way too pissed about the wrong things and not pissed enough about the right things,” he explained.

“[The song sets] the tone for getting people to stand up and go, ‘We’re not gonna allow this. We’re not gonna allow people to run us down for religious beliefs, for the colour we are, for what we stand for. For who we chose to love.'”

“All of these things,” he continued. “There’s nobody doing it, man. Everybody’s too worried about their pockets. Everybody’s too worried about their paycheques.”

“That was me, basically, drawing a line in the sand and going ‘Guess what? You don’t get to do this anymore.’”

While the album does appear to take on some pretty confronting topics, Corey Taylor also noted that it will heavily deal touch on his battle of depression, which resulted in a divorce along the way.

“All I was doing was giving and I found myself absolutely, completely tapped,” Taylor explained. “You could see it in my skin. You could see it in my eyes.”

“That’s basically the journey I’m going to take people on this album … show them what happens to depression when you have no chemicals to fall back on,” he continued. “It’s a pretty dark ride.”

Check out Slipknot’s ‘Eyeless’:

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