The tragic news of Slipknot’s co-founding drummer Joey Jordison’s death was confirmed on Tuesday night and now the official Slipknot social media channels have turned black in tribute to the late musician.

Following the devastating news, Slipknot’s official social media channels changed all of their social media profile pictures to black. Surviving Slipknot members Corey Taylor, James Root and Shawn Crahan followed suit and also changed their profile pictures to black squares.

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Jordison died on Monday at age 46. A statement that was released on Tuesday didn’t disclose his cause of death.

“We are heartbroken to share the news that Joey Jordison, prolific drummer, musician and artist passed away peacefully in his sleep on July 26th, 2021,” the statement began.

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“Joey’s death has left us with empty hearts and feelings of indescribable sorrow. To those that knew Joey, understood his quick wit, his gentle personality, giant heart and his love for all things family and music.”

The black squares that have taken over the bands – and some of its members – social media accounts doesn’t include a caption. However, tributes have poured in from friends and fans in the comments section.

“My heart goes out to all the band and Joeys friends and family 🖤 he will always be known as one of musics greatest drummers and writers. Forever he will live through his music. LONG LIVE JOEY #1!!!’ said one Slipknot fan on the post.

However, not all fans were satisfied with the way Slipknot decided to honour Jordison’s life on social media.

“Even though Joey was now an ex-Slipknot member, an old picture of him smiling or laughing from tour or just chilling at home, and a few honest lines about how much Joey meant to them would have done much more justice than this black picture with no caption. Come on, he was with y’all for more than 15 years and all he gets is this? Can do better, Slipknot. Rest in Power, Joey! 💔 ,” commented one fan.

Another said, “He deserves more respect than a black picture. He was a founding member of Slipknot. Total disrespect in my opinion.”

Jordison was a founding member of Slipknot, which formed in 1995. He stayed with the band until 2013 when it was announced that Jordison would be “parting ways” with the band. At the time, Jordison cited “personal reasons” for his leaving.

However, in later interviews Jordison revealed that he was actually fired from Slipknot.

“No band meeting? None. Anything from management? No, nothing,” Jordison noted in a 2016 interview with Metal Hammer. “All I got was a stupid fucking email saying I was out of the band that I busted my ass my whole life to fucking create.”

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