Tortilla Man has been revealed, or at least, Slipknot fans are 99% certain that they have successfully figured out the identity of the elusive band member.

The percussionist known as Tortilla Man joined the group for their tour around new album We Are Not Your Kind which hit the No. 1 spot earlier this year.

The band have been incredibly tight-lipped thus far about who is behind the mask but now YouTube page Slipknot News thinks they have identified Tortilla Man as Michael Pfaff who has previously performed with Shawn “Clown” Crahan in the band Dirty Little Rabbit.

Footage of the band arriving at an airport in Mexico seems to confirm that Pfaff is indeed travelling with the band. Check out the footage below:

This would certainly line up with a fan theory posted on Reddit by longtime fan Les Connelly which you can read here.

Here is an excerpt from the fan theory:

“Jim recently said this about the new guy in a recent interview: ‘He’s a character, man. I didn’t really know him very well before he started playing with us. But he’s a hell of a musician, man. The guy is a world-class pianist; he’s a great percussionist; he is schooled in music. He’s not just a garage musician who came up and learned on his own. He obviously had natural ability, but he took it to another level and actually got a degree in music. So the guy is next level. Plus he’s just out of his mind. I didn’t think it was possible for anybody to match us. And I’ll be standing there playing and all of a sudden I’ll hear this thump next to me, and he’ll have jumped down from his drum set. He’s, like, next to me. And I’m, like, ‘You’re insane, dude. Your knees are gonna fucking just be done.'”

And it got me thinking, maybe he is Michael Pfaff.

Michael Pfaff is a musician who was in a band with Shawn Crahan called Dirty Little Rabbits. He played organ and keyboards and Shawn Crahan was the drummer. They had a very strong musical relationship and were the core of the group. They were even introduced to each other by Sid Wilson (the DJ from Slipknot).”

Turns out they may have been correct all along.