Though the reason for their relevance may be questionable, there’s no doubt that the Kardashian’s are some of the biggest celebs of our generation. Now, Smash Mouth is ironically piggybacking exposure off the notion that Travis Barker is piggybacking publicity off the famous fam.

Tired yet? Me too.

Smash Mouth who are most (only?) famous for releasing their hit song ‘All Star’ in 1999 took to social media to throw some serious shade at Blink 182’s Travis Barker and the Kardashian klan.

“not used to Travis Barker having a full time publcist (sic) (Kardashians) trying to keep him in the 24hour news cycle. Glad you got Kourtney a “lavish gift” for mother day. lol,” read the sassy post from Smash Mouth’s official Twitter page.

In essence, it seems as though Smash Mouth not only needs some new music but also a spell check app.

The reply of a Twitter user absolutely nailed it with a simple, glorious gif.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker went public with their relationship in March, 2021 and have both posted a slew of loved-up posts across social media since.

The Mother’s Day gift Smash Mouth is referring to is three giant floral installments of colourful roses and peonies that Barker had set up in his girlfriend’s hallway on Sunday to celebrate the occasion.

While still a household name, Barker’s notoriety had somewhat slipped since his Enema of the State heydays back in the late 90’s and early noughties. Dating a Kardashian, however, has well and truly thrown him back into the limelight.

The copious amount of headlines screaming his and Kourtney’s names may have something to do with the racy content they both post on social media. Barker has posted a bunch of saucy snaps of his reality TV star boo, including one of her in a thong and one with his hand on her bum.

Barker continued to overshare about their sex life by captioning a seemingly innocent photo of himself with a drumstick with, “All day I dream about sex w/ you,” and tagged Kourtney. Arguably the most shocking installment though was the weirdly erotic video Barker posted of Kourtney seemingly giving his thumb a BJ in celebration of her 42nd birthday. Ahh young (?) love.

While the pair certainly seem loved up, the Kardashian’s PR team is nothing short of a well-oiled machine. So, we’re not not saying that Barker may be sprucing something new soon.

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For old time’s sake, watch ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth: