Summer pill poppers everywhere have been put on notice by police in Victoria, with a planned summer crackdown to launch at tomorrow’s Parklife festival in Melbourne. And this time round they’ve caught on to some of the tricks used to sneak illicit drugs onto festival grounds.

In an interview with Melbourne’s Herald Sun Acting Inspector Don Brown said “We find people who have strapped drugs to their bodies and placed pills in sunscreen bottles or chewing gum packets. Police are aware of these techniques, and we will be on the look-out for all drugs, no matter how well they are hidden. Our police dogs are skilled in the areas of tracking, searching, protecting life and property and their sense of smell is fifty times greater than that of humans.”

Nearly 80 people were arrested last year at Parklife in Sydney, with one woman allegdly caught with over 200 ecstasy pills, but perhaps most famous was when former Neighbours star and socialite Tottie Goldsmith was caught with cocaine in her pockets at The Hot Barbecue in Portsea.

“Most people attend the festivals to enjoy the music and have a good time,” Inspector Brown continued. “There is this idea with some people that taking drugs enhances their day out, but in reality, they are potentially putting the health and safety of themselves and others at risk.”

“People who are using drugs or thinking of using drugs must be aware of the consequences. There are heavy penalties associated with drug use and trafficking and a drug conviction is a black mark against your name that can never be removed. This can impact on future employment opportunities as well as travel to certain countries.”

No doubt there will be numerous arrests tomorrow in Melbourne, and with drink prices the way they are on festival grounds it’s simple economics.

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