Warrant frontman Jani Lane once claimed that he could shoot himself in the head for writing the band’s iconic single ‘Cherry Pie’. Whilst he later insisted the comments were made during a time of personal distress, it’s not unusual for stars to resent what made them big.

Especially if the thing everyone associates them with isn’t actually what made them big. Take Smash Mouth for example, they’re really sick and tired of everyone thinking their inclusion in the hit movie Shrek is what put them on so many Pepsi Hits compilations.

Apparently, the San Jose rockers aren’t familiar with the concept of ‘Don’t feed the trolls’, because they go out of their way to respond to every one with a Twitter handle and the wrong idea about how Smash Mouth’s signature tune ‘All Star’ became a hit.

As Pedestrian note, a trawl through the band’s official Twitter account has tweets going back for ages chronicling the band’s fight against anyone thinking that friendly green ogre is the only reason we even know who Smash Mouth are (if you forgot: they’re that band that got pelted with bread).

You can check out some of the tweets below. It’s actually pretty amusing to watch the band go back and forth with the trolls, but then again on another level it’s kind of sad. Don’t say we didn’t warn you before you check out the carnage below.

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