It’s the song that soundtracked all of your school discos and probably instigated a few throwback sing-a-longs during slightly tipsy post-uni exam sessions. ‘Stacy’s Mom’, despite being a total one-hit-wonder from a since forgotten act, Fountains Of Wayne, is a total cultural phenomenon that has transcended generations.

The core message of the song is simple – it tells the tale of a headstrong young lad who unfortunately uses poor old Stacy, to get to none other than her mum, who’s truly, got it going on. The track, that was nominated for the coveted Grammy for Best Vocal Pop Performance, did come with quite an iconic music video to match.

Although it’s quite widely known that Stacy’s Mom was played by Kiwi model  Rachel Hunter, it’s not until now the world has tracked down the whereabouts of ol’ Stacy herself.

Here’s the video to refresh your memory…..

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Now all grown up, Gianna Dispenza is now a fully fledged artist, working in both sculpting and painting. Her Instagram showcases her incredible body of work, that spans different platforms and mediums.

A quick look at her Twitter reveals that she lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon – it’s a far cry from being overshadowed by her mum back in 2003.