With only a handful of songs under her belt, Stellie has become the name on everyone’s lips. If you’re looking for some quality indie-pop balladry and bops, Stellie has it all in spades.

Stellie has been dominating the indie-pop scene with her infectious bops and tunes that she’s recently been trickling over to our unworthy ears. And now she’s swung by to bless us with three artists that we are now simply obsessed with.

We’ve been utterly hooked on ‘Love Me First’ since it first came out, shedding a few tears and dancing slowly in the moonlight to Stellie’s sultry voice and catchy hooks.

This Adelaide singer-songwriter knows exactly how to hone her voice like a well-crafted weapon, so it’s no surprise that her Instagram is filled with artists of the same calibre as herself.

“Naturally, I follow lots of music enthusiasts on Instagram so finding new music is actually really easy,” said Stellie.

“Most people have started sharing tracks that they are loving on their story. I find it super fascinating learning what others are listening to and discovering some unusual tracks through other music fans. I’ve also started scrolling through my explore page more often just to see what pops up on there. Usually, it’s pretty spot-on as it takes into consideration who you follow and what your overall ‘interests’ are.”

Given that Stellie makes divine tracks that touch upon the intimate and personal, it only makes sense that the artists she listens to are just as tinged with perfection as she is.

Here are Stellie’s fave three artists making waves at the moment.

Delacey @delacey

With a follow from Carly Rae Jepsen herself on her Instagram, Delacey has become the name on everyone’s lips and the soundtrack to everyone’s lives with her impressive set of intimate tracks.

‘Actress’ in particular is an exceptional standout in Delacey’s discography, with guitars plodding along beneath lyrics that feel like arrows to the heart, sung in a smoky tone that we cannot get enough of.

“Delacey is hands down my favourite artist at the moment,” says Stellie.

“I’ve been talking everyone’s ears off about her for a good couple of weeks now. I am in love with her look. It complements the music she creates so perfectly, which I really admire. She’s created a whole world for herself and her music which is something really special.”

Moreton @moreton_

Rock with grit, edge, and sorrow is the best way to describe Moreton, especially when it comes to her latest slew of heartbreaking ballads that rip right through our chest.

“Moreton is just a beautiful storyteller. I first discovered her when someone (or actually quite a few people) posted about her latest song ‘See Yourself’ featuring James Vincent McMorrow on their insta stories, and boy I’m so glad I clicked on it. It’s such a beautifully written song. I’ve also noticed she posts some really nice quotes and verses on her Instagram which I really enjoy.”

Thunderfox @thunderfoxband

Six androgynous boys that describe their sound as an “eclectic sexual explosion of psychedelic funk”. What more could one ask for really?

“Thunderfox are just a heap of fun. Their music has got a very strong Jazz influence which is what first drew me to them, its really mellow, dirty a little uncomfortable and just so so good.”