Sticky Fingers bassist Paddy Cornwall has taken to social media to hit back at triple j for allegedly preventing an artist from covering them on Like A Version.

As most Australian music fans would already be aware, Sticky Fingers have become a contentious bunch of musicians in the local scene.

While their rise to fame was swift and celebrated, the group split back in 2016 following allegations of racial abuse, only to reform just over a year later.

However, it was this reformation that garnered more controversy, with the group taking part in an interview with triple j’s Hack program to “address allegations of racism and abuse.”

Unfortunately though, the group’s usage of phrases such as “shit happens” and “boys will be boys” only saw public opinion turning on them once again, with triple j seemingly blacklisting Sticky Fingers’ music from the station from that point onwards.

Earlier this year though, bassist Paddy Cornwall took to Instagram to slam the station for their apparent decision, claiming that “no one else has the fucking cojones to say” such a thing to the public broadcaster.

“triple j, fuck you and your fucking artist repertoire,” Cornwall explained. “We don’t fucking need you. We don’t want you because you play your fucking bullshit and you’re a bunch of fucking maggots.”

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Check out the post from Sticky Fingers bassist Paddy Cornwall:

Now, Paddy Cornwall has taken to Instagram once again, this time to chastise triple j for allegedly preventing an artist from covering Sticky Fingers for an upcoming Like A Version performance.

“An Aussie artist was asked to perform on Like A Version this week,” Cornwall claimed. “Said artist said they wanted to play their fave song that got them through the hard times, ‘How To Fly’.

“triple j pulled the plug,” he continued. “Disappointing army of cowards running a a government funded station who won’t front on fact versus allegation.

“Talk about setting a bad example for our future. And don’t forget, you, the people, pay their taxes.”

Cornwall’s statement didn’t end there however, taking to the image caption to write “make a statement you pathetic cowards. As proven we don’t need you. Help yourselves out tho, I feel sorry for you.”

At the current time, triple j have not made a statement in regards to the alleged performance, though they have been approached for comment.

Of course, Sticky Fingers are no strangers to the Like A Version studios, having recorded their own cover back in 2015, while both Kim Churchill and The Jezabels covered their music in 2014 and 2016.

Since then though, their music has been absent from triple j completely, with no artists covering their songs either.

In 2016, Camp Cope did reveal that triple j prevented them from covering the song they had originally requested, choosing instead to perform a rendition of ‘Maps’, by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

“I got a call from an unknown number and this girl on the phone said, ‘I’m from triple j and these aren’t the usual channels we go through but can you come in and do Like A Version?’” guitarist and vocalist Georgia Maq recounted in an interview with the Herald Sun.

“We wanted to do Royal Headache’s ‘Carolina’ but they said no. So we did Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Maps’ in one take.”

At this stage, it’s unclear who will be doing Like A Version this week, and it remains to be seen what song said artist will cover.

Check out Camp Cope covering the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for Like A Version: