Iconic ’90s grunge icons Stone Temple Pilots are already looking towards their next release, reportedly planning to record an acoustic album next.

This week, we passed the one-year anniversary of Stone Temple Pilots’ latest self-titled record. Their first record in eight years, it served as the first album recorded with new vocalist Jeff Gutt, who replaced late singers Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington.

While the record has been their lowest-charting effort to date, the group have still been doing what they do best, touring relentlessly and delivering blistering live shows at every turn.

In fact, this recent tour also featured a rather rare acoustic performance back in December, with the group delivering a set full of nothing but reworkings of their classic ’90s material.

However, it seems that this show resonated with the band quite a bit, with frontman Jeff Gutt revealing to Screamin’ Scott of US radio station WRIF that the band are “working on an acoustic record right now.”

Working with some “extra musicians”, Jeff Gutt explains that the new release will be recorded sometime in 2019.

“I’m not sure how long it’s gonna be yet,” Gutt admitted. “We’re just getting into it, the writing of it, and we’re gonna be recording it here in little spurts, when we can.”

“It’s gonna be awesome, man. It’s gonna be a totally different side of STP.”

While news of such a record is undoubtedly exciting for the group’s dedicated fanbase, there are definitely a few folks out there who are still hanging out for Stone Temple Pilots’ classic MTV Unplugged performance to be released at some point.

Following on from the group’s acoustic performance of ‘Plush’ back in 1993, Stone Temple Pilots recorded an episode of MTV Unplugged later that year, with fans being treated to the debut of ‘Big Empty’.

To date, it’s a favourite amongst the group’s followers, though copies of it only exist as bootlegs, meaning it’s a highly-sought after piece of work from the group.

Who knows, maybe this upcoming acoustic record could feature the lost performance as some bonus material?

Check out Stone Temple Pilots’ acoustic version of ‘Plush’:

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