Sunrise host Matt Doran has been suspended for two weeks after he told Adele that he hadn’t bothered listening to her new album during an interview.

The Weekend Sunrise host headed to London earlier this month to interview the pop star. It’s been reported that Doran didn’t ask Adele a single question about her new album.

When Adele asked Doran, “What do you think of my album?” he replied: “I haven’t listened to it.”

Upon hearing about the snub, some news outlets are reporting that Adele walked out on the interview, while other sources say the interview was already over at that point.

Doran was allegedly suspended from Weekend Sunrise following the incident, and since returned to his position this weekend.

It’s been reported that Channel 7 spent around $1 million on a package that included the Adele interview and broadcast rights tot the One Night Only interview and concert featuring Oprah Winfrey.

And, despite the Weekend Sunrise Adele interview being recorded, Adele’s label Sony has reportedly denied Channel 7 rights to air any portion of it.

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The move comes after Piers Morgan penned a savage review on Adele’s new album, 30.

The former Good Morning Britain host criticised the pop star’s decision to include her young son in a song about her divorce from his dad, Simon Konecki.

“Sharing your young son’s heartache and pain with the entire world to flog your album is shameful and the rankest hypocrisy,” he wrote.

Morgan then blasted the singer for including voice recordings from “incredibly intimate conversations with her son in which he tries to stop her crying during as her short-lived marriage unravels.”

He continued: “This is the same Adele who went to court to protect her son’s privacy when he was just one, winning him a substantial five-figure sum in damages over paparazzi photographs that Angelo was too young to know had even been taken.

But how does Adele’s determined battle to seek privacy for her son sit with her now using him in such a shameless way to flog her album?”

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