T-Pain doesn’t sound like the biggest fan of Tupac: according to the autotune icon, the late rapper wouldn’t be able to compete with the quality of modern rappers if he were alive today. 

The contentious claim came during a chat with DJ Akademiks on his Twitch channel, with the pair discussing hip hop in the social media era. T-Pain declared that if Tupac was around today, he “would’ve gotten his ass ate the f*ck up lyrically.” He doubled down, insisting that the rapper “would’ve got ridiculously murdered.”

After Akademiks observed that drill music doesn’t often prioritise lyrics, T-Pain said, “’Pac was a crazy lyricist in our time because ain’t nobody else have no platform.”

T-Pain made another bold statement during the conversation, claiming that Akon has basically used his brother Bu as a body double. He said that Akon would be performing at a completely different venue while Bu was lip-syncing onstage elsewhere.

Akon and T-Pain haven’t always seen eye to eye, with Akon once blasting T-Pain for only making “urban” music. “Go into pop, go into EDM, go into Latin,” he said in an interview back in 2020.

How would Tupac compare to the current crop of rappers? A lot of fans still believe he’s alive, with the never-ending conspiracy arising on social media again last month thanks to some startlingly clear images of the late star.

Pictures of Tupac started spreading online around June 16th, his birthdate, with many taken aback by the crystal clear clarity of them. Soon Tupac’s name was trending on Twitter. Soon people were speculating that the incredible images were a sure sign that he was still alive and well.

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You can listen to T-Pain and DJ Akademik’s conversation here (go to 2:32:00 to hear the Tupac discussion).

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