A leaked snippet of an apparent Tame Impala collab with A$AP Rocky is causing quite a stir right now, as fans debate whether the clip – which sounds fairly legit – is a genuine team-up between the two artists, or just a well-done joke.

As Cool Accidents reports, a Snapchatter has revealed a bunch of unreleased A$AP Rocky tracks over the weekend, and one of the previews, named ‘Pretty Guy’ and shared below by Rap Genius, is apparently produced by Tame Impala aka Kevin Parker, and labelled as such in the purported track title.

Of course, it wouldn’t be all that surprising for the two to be working together; Kevin has been busy producing for everyone from his mates POND to Lady Gaga, and as Cool Accidents notes, Rocky told Faster Louder back in 2013 that he was a big fan of Tame Impala, adding “I want to work with them.”

So, has that work finally been completed? It sounds pretty on-point so far, so check out the short sample below and see what you think.

Tame Impala was featured on another sweet team-up reccently, as Kevin worked on a remix of Mick Jagger’s new single ‘Get A Grip‘, taken from  The Rolling Stones frontman’s new solo album. There was also a new Tame Impala collab with super-producer Mark Ronson recently, with KP appearing onstage at Givernor’s Ball to drop a new tune together.

We’ve also seen an unwelcome joint project in the form of the Chinese flavoured milk company that blatantly ripped off Tame Impala’s ‘The Less I Know The Better’ for its commercial, leading Kevin to threaten them with legal action.

As for whether this new collab actually happened and is on its way to release? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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